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Wyświetlanie postów z listopad, 2010

Housing Exhibition in 1929: "WUWA - Wohnung und Werkraum Ausstellung"

The exhibition presents works inspired by the architecture of Wrocław, especially objects from the Housing Exhibition (Wystawa Mieszkaniowa) in 1929: "WUWA - Wohnung und Werkraum Ausstellung"

Maria Kiesner (born 1976) is known for her architectural paintings that represent structural design from the PRL era, industrial objects, pre-war architecture or sculptures by Katarzyna Kobro. The artist uses archive photographs, postcards or press cut-outs as a basis to her works. The main inspiration to the set presented in Wrocław was the album "WUWA 1929-2009. The Werkbund Exhibition in Wrocław" ("Wrocławska wystawa Werkbundu") by Jadwiga Urbanik. Kiesner's paintings also present selected architectural objects of the post-war years as well as examples of modernism from other countries.

Maria Kiesner translates architecture into the language of painting with a strong sense of sagacity in the character representation of chosen objects. She shows architecture wi…